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about us

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Who we are

Patience Linton (aka MomLifePatience) and Pam Howard are a daughter/mother duo who are passionate about bringing smiles to everyone’s face. They began the vision of partnering in business in 2007, in a small town in South Dakota, when they began crafting together. While crafting, they attended several craft shows and events.  A few years later, Patience moved away with her husband to pursue other ventures. 

how we started

The story continues when Patience and Pam were together again living just a short mile from each other in Oklahoma. After they tried their first freeze dried treats, they knew this was something they wanted to provide to their community. After countless hours of perfecting their list of freeze dried candy, and many taste tests by their family, they began reaching out to their community through pop up events. They decided that their best venture would be to establish a storefront where they can have product available for not only their community, but for the world too!

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